Ensure you take all of your usual medication before 6 am. Type 2 Diabetics should omit tablets/insulin on the morning of surgery. Do not eat food or drink milk for 6 hours prior to surgery, however, water can be drunk up to 2 hours before surgery.

Please wear comfortable clothing to the hospital/day surgery unit as you will remain in these clothes for the surgery. It is advised to leave jewellery and valuables at home. The nursing staff, anaesthetist and the Ophthalmologist will check several times your name and the procedure being done. The nurses will administer eye drops to dilate the pupil of the eye being operated on. The anaesthetist will administer the sedation and local anaesthetic around the eye. After this, you will not feel any pain, and may not see much out of this eye for a few hours. You will be taken into the operating theatre for your surgery.