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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I keep my hearing aid in during surgery?2021-07-01T03:57:02+00:00

It will be necessary to remove a hearing aid worn on the same side as the eye having surgery. This is to ensure no water gets into the hearing aid causing permanent damage.

When can I wash my hair after surgery?2021-03-22T02:09:47+00:00

It is fine to shower and wash hair the following day after surgery. Keep your eyes closed to ensure no water enters the eye.

When is it safe for me to drive?2021-03-22T02:10:12+00:00

This depends on a number of factors, including the vision in your other eye. You should discuss this with Dr Little at your post-operative appointment.

How long will I be off work?2021-03-22T02:10:32+00:00

We usually recommend 1 week off work.

Will I be able to fly following surgery?2021-03-22T02:11:08+00:00

There are no restrictions to flying except under very rare circumstances.

Can I watch TV or read after surgery?2021-03-22T02:11:31+00:00

Yes. You may find reading difficult without new glasses. You may like to purchase over the counter magnifying glasses from chemist to assist with reading until you get new glasses.

When can I get new glasses?2021-03-22T02:11:55+00:00

You will have a review at Kingswood Eye Centre 1 month following surgery, after which you can see an optometrist for new glasses if required.

Please contact us on 8357 8833 to speak to our friendly receptionist for further information or to book an appointment.

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