Glaucoma usually develops gradually and has no symptoms (until advanced). Elevated intraocular pressure of the eye can cause damage to the optic nerve. The condition is common and can cause irreversible loss of sight, especially to the peripheral (side) vision. Other significant risk factors are family history of glaucoma and age (over 50yrs age). There are different types of Glaucoma, the most acute and sight-threatening being Angle-Closure Glaucoma. The early stages of Glaucoma usually do not cause any symptoms which complicate early detection.


  • Usually minimal (hence screening checks with Optometrists are very important)
  • Peripheral (side) vision loss

Diagnosis &Treatment

The diagnosis of Glaucoma includes measuring intraocular pressure, peripheral vision testing, and scans of the optic nerve. The specialist will usually perform a slit lamp examination. There is no cure for the condition and any vision loss cannot be restored. Treatment options aim to reduce the pressure inside the eye and may include eye drops, laser and surgical procedures which can slow the progression or even prevent vision loss.

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