Dry Eyes

Dry eyes are a common condition. It occurs when tears are not able to provide adequate lubrication for the surface of your eyes. Unfortunately, we have no ‘cure’ but symptoms can be managed.

Symptoms & diagnosis of dry eyes

  • stinging, burning, or scratchy sensation in the eyes
  • stringy mucus in or around eyes
  • light sensitivity
  • redness of eye
  • the sensation of having something in your eyes
  • difficulty wearing contact lenses & nighttime driving
  • blurred vision or eye fatigue

Diagnosis might include following

  • A comprehensive eye exam.
  • Measuring the volume of your tears using the Schirmers test. This measures the tear production and quality of the tear

Treatment for dry eyes

Lubricating eye drops improve symptoms for mild to moderate dry eyes. Sometimes other treatment options are required such as punctal plugs. Some people with severe dry eyes may opt for scleral contact lenses that protect the surface of the eye and trap moisture. Prescription medication and Blephasteam is also used to treat dry eyes. Blephasteam are hot googles that steam the oil glands on the eyelids in order to restore the tear film. This treatment is available in our rooms by our Ophthalmic Nurse Practitioner Anne Lentakis.

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There is now a dedicated dry eye and blepharitis clinic in Adelaide – we would be happy to direct you to their services as needed.

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