A shield and sometimes an eye pad will be placed over the eye. Keep this on overnight unless otherwise instructed. The operated eye will have increased tearing and some discharge after the surgery, this is normal. The shield will be removed and eye cleansed at your post-operative appointment. You may be aware of some discomfort as the local anesthetic wears off. You may take paracetamol if required.

You will notice that your vision is blurry for a few days as the pupil remains dilated for 24 hours and there may be some swelling of the cornea. Each day the vision should improve. Your eye will feel scratchy for 1-2 days and then intermittently for 1-2 months. There may be some bruising which can be substantial at times. Usually, this is related to the anaesthetic required to numb your eye and will take 2-3 weeks to improve.