Kingswood Eye Centre (Glen Osmond) offers a Paediatric Clinic once a month for all children and babies with eye movement disorders. Our qualified Orthoptist Natalie Ainscough is working alongside our Paediatric Ophthalmologist Dr Swati Sinkar. Natalie has extensive experience working with children and performs following assessments:

Assessing eye movements, binocular vision, convergence and lazy eyes for all children and babies of all ages. Children’s eye care involves vision testing for children who struggle with standard vision tests due to age or ability.

FAQ’s Paediatric Clinic

What is an Orthoptist?

An Orthoptist has specialised qualifications in eye health and assesses patients with eye movement disorders such as amblyopia “lazy eyes”, convergence and strabismus “crossed/turned eyes”.

Do I need a referral?

Yes, a referral is required from a GP or an Optometrist as children will also be seen by Dr Sinkar.

Is the appointment covered by Medicare or private health?

Some Extras private health insurances cover Orthoptic “Eye Therapy” appointments, please check with your fund. We require payment in full on the day, please ask our friendly receptionists for a receipt to be able to claim the appointment if applicable. Dr Sinkar’s appointments are Medicare rebateable. We will send the claim to Medicare after full payment on the day and you will receive your Medicare rebate within two business days.

Will my child have eyedrops?

Occasionally dilation of the pupils is required for the assessment.

Please contact us on 8357 8833 to speak to our friendly receptionist for further information or to book an appointment.

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