Loucia Calder

MBAppSc (Optom), GradCertOcTher.

Loucia is an optometrist who has been practicing optometry since graduating from the Queensland University of Technology in 2002.

Over the years she has worked in a variety of different scopes of practice including primary eye care, low vision, contact lenses, neuro-ophthalmic & prismatic work, dry eye management, therapeutic care, and pre & post-surgical care.  

Loucia is passionate about providing excellent patient outcomes through a multi-disciplinary collaborative approach to patient care with fellow health practitioners including GP’s, Pharmacists, Ophthalmology, Allied Health, etc, with a patient centered approach.

Loucia has worked in both primary health care settings in optometry, the disability sector when she worked for the Royal Society for the Blind, as well as in Professional Services over the years, and is involved in a range of optometry committees. Loucia is passionate about constantly growing and evolving her scope of practice and skills in order to optimise patient care, that in 2004 she underwent a Graduate Diploma in Business with the University of Adelaide and in 2013 she completed her Graduate Certificate in Ocular Therapeutics through the University of NSW. 

Social Interests

In her spare time, Loucia enjoys spending quality time with family & friends, cooking & baking, gardening, craft & arts, and as a “foodie” she enjoys going out for nice meal with family & friends, as well as spending time with her three children.  


Member of the Optometry Assosication (Vic/SA Division)

Member of the Optometry State Advisory Board for Vic/SA Division.


Consulting at Kingswood Eye Centre (and a variety of private practices). 

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